Are you hungry to see God Move but never shared the gospel or prayed for a stranger?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1:16

"I Loved training so much!

- Natali


- Allie G.

I have so much more confidence in sharing Jesus and praying for others because I now know how to push myself aside and let the spirit pray through me." 

"Branden and Katie
blew me away in simplifying how to share the gospel and how to pray for others in a way that is led through the Spirit.


I have a more intimate relationship with God and more fruitful prayer life"

"Katie’s training and heart for prayer changed my life completely.

"This has been
one of the best weeks of my life!"

it was helpful; praying with each other and reflecting on my own version of my story. It's hard to consolidate life stories, so that was good practice!"

I came to the training not knowing what I was doing, all I knew it I felt called to be there and I said Ok God.
[on the beach} For the first day I was shocked at the amount of boys willingly asking for prayer. It gave me hope for our future generations!

The Second day in tents we prayed for marriage, sickness,.. people drove by on the streets cheering us on and giving us support.

30A Prays

March, April and October of 2023 we held 3 prayer training classes had almost 80 people join teams to partner in some way: morning prayer walks, serve on the team, and pray in the tents on beaches and streets. 
We took 5 prayer tents and popped them up along 30A and Seaside

2023 Testimony

We prayed THOUSANDS of young people. High School and College students from all over the U.S flooded the tents asking for prayer. They were willing to share their stories and struggles. 

We came expectant.... and were overwhelmed by the response! we had no idea the young people would be so open to the gospel. There were salvations, baptisms, and many many people touched by the love of God as we prayed for them.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news
Romans 10:15



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